The Best Kitchen Knife Set for under £100

1 Victorinox Swiss Classic utility block and cooking knife set Check it out
2 ‘Viner’s’ knife block set Check it out
3 ‘Wanbasion’ 6-piece Check it out
4 ‘Homever’ 16-piece knife set Check it out

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to buy the best knife set under £100 in the UK. 

Moving into your first home, deciding to train to be a chef or as a gift for a food lover are all fantastic reasons to invest in a new set of kitchen knives. Here’s what you need to know before making a purchase. 

Our shopping guide based on knife set reviews and our testing 

If you’re looking to buy the best kitchen knives set in the UK, then have a read of our favorite options here. 

Excellent knifes can be prohibitively expensive and cheap knife sets of a poor quality. However, this doesn’t have to be the case if you shop around. Look at these great value and fantastically robust knives that are all under £100. 

Victorinox Swiss Classic utility block and cooking knife set

The BEST kitchen knives for a house-warming gift.

  • A 3-piece knife set that can be used for both cutting and paring. 
  • Considered to be some of the best value kitchen knives, Victorinox are made in Switzerland by the people who make Swiss Army Knives.
  • Created from excellent quality stainless steel that has been hardened with ice for a precise, super sharp edge. 
  • The handle is made from ergonomic polypropylene that is comfortable to use and exclusive to Victorinox
  • This Victorinox kitchen knives set can be safely washed in the dishwasher. 
  • The packaging is the perfect design for wrapping as a gift. 
  • 25 year. guarantee.

Knife block set reviews recommend an in-drawer knife block for safe storage of your Victorinox knifes. Purchase one here

‘Viner’s’ knife block set

The best knife block set for a stylish kitchen. 

  • These Viner’s knifes are a wonderful quality product that come with a Viner’s knife block that uses magnetism for safe storage. 
  • The set includes the full range of Viner’s kitchen knives. 
  • They are an attractive copper colour. In terms of style these are the best kitchen knives, UK trendsetters will love them. 
  • This Viner’s knife set is made from stainless steel with a titanium coating which guarantees a long life of use and great cutting performance. 
  • The handle features a fab super soft grip for comfortable use.

‘Wanbasion’ 6-piece

The best chef knife set for the price. 

  • Made from robust, hardened stainless steel. 
  • These knives come with a protective cover. Use them!
  • The blade is made from black titanium metal which won’t scratch.
  • Anti-rust and corrosion resistant coating. 
  • Extremely sharp blades that keep their razor-sharp edge. 
  • Great aftersales service. 

‘Homever’ 16-piece knife set

The best value knife set in the U.K that have been made from Japanese steel.

The kitchen knife set UK reviews for this product are outstanding so you can buy with real confidence. 

  • Made from superb quality Japanese steel that will resist rust, corrosion and oxidation. 
  • Fab sleek design. 
  • Each blade tip has a protective cover for safety. 
  • Made from a single piece of steel so there are no gaps, edges or joins to bacteria to collect. 
  • Easy to clean. 
  • The knife block has a wipe-clean rubber coating and non-slip feet. 
  • The design was carefully thought about in terms of balance and weight which means they are easy and comfortable to use whatever the task. 
  • 2-year guarantee and after-sales service. 
  • Come in a box so it is the best knives set for gift wrap.

What makes a good kitchen knife set?


A kitchen knife set can cost anywhere between £1000 and £10 depending on the quality, brand and number of knives. Most of us are home cooks rather than Sashimi chefs though, this means that a budget top end of £100 is more than enough to spend on a set of the best quality kitchen knives. 


These are the main materials used in the manufacture of kitchen knives:

Carbon steel – a good strong, solid blade which keeps its sharpness but also rusts easily, stains and is reactive to acids. 

Stainless steel the ‘standard’ kitchen knife material, stainless steel with chromium added to prevent rust, slow down corrosion and increase durability. Stainless steel will need sharpening often. 

High carbon stainless steel – the added carbon should help the stainless steel to stay sharper for longer. 

Ceramic these fun blades stay super sharp for a long time and are resistant to rust, acids and corrosion. However, if not looked after properly they can be fragile and shatter easily. 


A good quality knife set needs to be looked after in order for it to last a long time. Always follow manufacturer guidelines on storage, use and cleaning. 


Quality knife sets will contain a knife for each of the regular kitchen tasks such a chopping, paring and cutting. The BEST knife set will negate the need for having to have any other knife in your kitchen drawer and include a bread knife or carving knife. 


The best knife sets are suited to the person using it. For example, if you suffer from arthritis a lightweight ceramic blade will be the best choice. 

Ease of sharpening

All good quality kitchen knives will need sharpening at some point in their lifetime. To make stainless steel blades into a sharp knife set they will need the attention of a steel on a regular basis.

How to look after your quality knife set

Knife sets need TLC if you want your investment to last. Here’s few tips from our domestic gods and goddesses. 


Keep kitchen knife sets in the knife block or protective sheath they were provided with. The best knife block will hold knifes securely but allow them to be removed easily.

Knife holders for kitchen drawers are great for the longevity of the blades and for the safety of you and your family. 


A sharp kitchen knife set is the most vital tool if you’re serious about cooking. When you’re chopping veg for a showstopping autumnal soup you REALLY don’t want your knife getting stuck in a butternut squash. 

The brands who produce good quality kitchen knives often sell sharpening steels to go with them. There’s a real knack to using them effectively, have a look at You Tube for tips, but once you’ve mastered the art you will feel like Gordon Ramsey in a Kung-Fu movie!


Acid can have a detrimental effect on most kinds of knifes so be wary about using your best blades to slice a lemon. 

Rinse your knives with water throughout the cooking process and wash them thoroughly once you have finished. 

Use gentle washing up liquid and rinse clear of suds afterwards. 

Never put kitchen knives in the dishwasher. The detergent is too harsh and excessive water can lead to saturation. 

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